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Stacks is an iOS app aimed to get people interested in the stock market. The app allows for people to bet on portfolio performance among their friends. It is currently being developed and the MVP is scheduled to be released some time in 2018. I worked on Stacks as a freelance designer during my sophomore year of college. I worked on the project over the span of a few months. I focused on validating user interest, gathering user research data, prototyping screens, and creating high-fidelity mockups for my client.



There is a large gap between being interested in the stock market and actually investing in stocks. This app hopes to bridge this gap in a fun way, by using fake money to compete against your friends in the stock market.


To make an engaging product that lets people compete with friends and learn more about the stock market.


User Persona

Ian, 19, Sophomore at the University of Arizona

Goals: To have a place to compete with friends that share a love for finance and the stock market

Needs: Compete with friends in the stock market, have the option to use real money (import portfolio), have the option to share portfolio updates


Users prefer a social network feel, with features such as: feed, search, notifications, and profile

It’s useful to have one-week increments in matches

There should be a limit to how much cash someone has in their fake portfolio so that it closely resembles a real match


Security risk when dealing with real money / financial portfolios


How do these screens (onboarding) make you feel?

Is it intuitive where to go next?

What is your initial impression of the home screen?

Do you feel the information on the profile screen accurately represents your presence on the app?

Would you trust this service with sensitive information like the specifics of your investment portfolio?