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Slik (YC S17)

Slik AI is a lead-generation company founded by Stefan Stokic and Soroush Ghodsi. The founders of Slik, still in high school, were named the youngest entrepreneurs to ever be accepted into Y-Combinator. Using an API the founders created, their product finds leads for salespeople and saves them for later use. The company was founded a little over a year ago and now brings in a monthly revenue of over $20,000.

I helped out with a variety of different projects, but mainly focused on designing the second version of their product: a dashboard for leads. This dashboard helped customers to find information on leads and filter that information to what was relevant to their search. Using the Slik API, customers had access to a huge dataset. This version of the product was created to help customers search through that dataset.



There is a large dataset, but no way for customers to view previously exported leads or discover new leads. The previous version of Slik gave customers the ability to retrieve contact information via LinkedIn profiles, but no way to search for new leads. 


As a customer, I want a platform that makes it easy to find new leads for my sales team. I want this platform to help my company make sales by identifying relevant leads and providing me contact information on these leads.


User Persona

Ryan, 32, Digital Sales Manager at Google

Goals: Find new leads with ease

Needs: Ability to access previously saved/exported leads, ability to filter leads based on location and industry, and option to view all information on a lead


The data that we are showing is the data that is most relevant to the user

Users want the ability to save leads within the web app


Data on industry size and location needs to be obtained


How does this dashboard make you feel?

Are you confident that the information displayed is accurate?

What do you think about the information shown on the cards?

What do you think about the information used to filter the cards?

Think back to the last time you used an online dashboard. What were some of your favorite and least favorite things about this experience?