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The University of Oklahoma

I worked as a user experience designer at the University of Oklahoma while attending school there. I like to think of this job at OU as my design school, because that’s essentially what it was. I had advisors that worked in the field, we had book assignments, projects, and weekly meetings to go over the curriculum. We touched on user interviews, principles of typography, technology used in design, empathy in user experience, and many other interesting topics. Using this information, the other students and I were tasked to build a system for the University of Oklahoma. We built an internal system that put the functionality of all our previous university websites under one domain:

The product we built, One, was the go-to spot for everything you would need as a student or faculty member at OU. We included grades, enrollment, financials, calendars, advisement schedules, and every other feature deemed useful for a member of the university. We built this using tools such as Sketch, Principle, Framer, Invision, and Atom. The project I am showing today is the student schedule of the product that I worked on, which makes it easier for students to view and interact with information related to their classes.

This is one of many projects that I worked on at the University of Oklahoma. Other projects include setting up a design system for all university products, leading the user research department, and building financial applications to help students with scholarships and loans.


User experience designer on a team of four. I personally made wireframes, conducted user interviews, pitched design ideas, and made high-fidelity mockups that were pushed to development.



The consistent problem that students had with their online experience was that it was too complicated due to multiple domains. For example, if a student wanted to view their course schedule they had to go to a website with a completely different domain than if they wanted to pay for a class on that schedule. Our initial thought was to put all of this into one view, but talking with users made it apparent that they still wanted the information separate, just closer together.


Simplify a student’s online experience by bringing multiple functions into one interface. Have a centralized hub for everything a student needs to succeed at the university.


User Persona

Alexis, 19, History Major at the University of Oklahoma

Goals: Wants help taking care of all the “extra” stuff when it comes to classes (finances, books, schedule, etc.)

Needs: Time, location, and days of the course, ability to view enrolled, waitlisted, and online courses, and option to switch between prior, current, and future semesters


Students prefer calendar over list view

Students would like their semester & finals schedule separated

Students view their midterm/final grades within One

Students identify their courses by name, not by DEPT-COURSE#-SECTION

Majority of students do not have weekend courses


Limited box size for large course titles

Must be directed to third-party application for the majority of features


Where do you go to find out when/where your courses are?

Have you ever had trouble knowing when/where your courses are?

How important are your midterm grades?

-- Show wireframe --

Is it easy to distinguish online courses, waitlisted, and enrolled?

Where would you click to change a waitlisted course to enrolled?