HI –

I'm Mariano

but my friends call me mar


Product design intern at Facebook.

Building projects, writing, and advising startups on inclusive design.

The future belongs to the storytellers

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Slik (YC S17)

Slik AI is a Y Combinator backed startup founded by Stefan Stokic and Soroush Ghodsi. I helped in the early stages of their product with design research and visual design.

Science Inc.

Science Inc. is a Los Angeles-based startup studio that develops and supports multiple businesses. I am currently working with Science Inc. on a contract basis.


Stacks is a financial application that aims to bring entertainment to the stock market. I worked on Stacks as a freelance project during my sophomore year of college.

The University of Oklahoma

I worked as a user experience designer building ed-tech products at the University of Oklahoma while I attended school there. I like to think of this job as my design school.